Monday, June 20, 2011

"Give Stress A New Address"

Sometimes we give too much credit & put too much energy into things that don't add value to our lives. We've allowed our circumstances to overpower us and become a dominant factor in our lives instead of actually speaking over our circumstances.

The mind is a very powerful tool. Your thinking can literally curtail your entire direction in life. Scripture says: "As a man thinketh; so is he". For example, if you think your broke the so be it; if you are always just trying to get by-you got it. Whatever your thoughts are will eventually manifest. The universe doesn't know if you are "just kidding". It will grab a hold to whatever you have released out of your mouth and your heart. Some have allowed stress to resonate in their spirit and set up residency in a place where there is suppose to be peace. Whether it's your home; your kids; your place of employment and even your family.

Now is the time to "Give Stress A New Address"! Stress is currently trespassing in your space. It wasn't invited. Anything that has set up shop where they were not given a "Special Invitation" is trespassing. If a stranger came to your home and said: "Let Me In" would you just casually open the door; open your heart; or open your mind? No You Wouldn't! Well at least I pray you wouldn't (*:*). You have to give people and things PERMISSION to enter into your space. Stop giving Stress permission to enter into your life. Stop entertaining MESS! These things don't add value to your life. Remember, the enemy (who plays tricks on your mind/stressing you out o_O) deals in subtraction & division. God deals in addition & multiplication!

Break the mental barriers TODAY so that you can produce maximum results in EVERY area of your life. Stop spear heading and co-signing the things that come against your destiny and the things you know you are suppose to have and start producing your own energy!

Here are a few Stress-Less Tips at a glance:

Stress Activators -------------> Stress De-Activator
> Stress about stress -------------> Meditate
> Worrying ------------------------> Renew your mind
> Emotional Eating -------------->Choose your food wisely
> Sleeplessness --------------------> Plan your day
> Energy Draining Friends ------> Go on a People Diet
> Negative thoughts/language -> Daily Affirmations

There's a difference in thinking you deserve the best in your life and actually believing (by faith) that you are worthy of receiving all that is for YOU! Sometimes we get in the way of our own success because of our thinking. Give Stress a New Address-Be Gone NOW!

In Good Health,
Cheryl Harris
The Stress-Less Expert
Profound Touch Mobile Spa

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