Monday, March 28, 2011

Stress-Less Tips: Spring Clean Your Mind

Did you ever wonder why schools take time out for spring break? Or why people take the time to do spring cleaning? Well it’s not intended to get ready for the next party or clean up for out of town relatives, that’s for sure. I believe this time is established to start preparing a clean slate for your new season. It’s making a pathway to allow the new things to come into your space. Whether it’s your mind, home, or decision making, etc.

There is absolutely No Way for new things; new ideas; new revelation; new furniture (for your home); new direction to enter into your spirit, if you are still carrying all the old things from your last seasons. Especially, if it’s non productive.

Here are 3 Stress –Less Tips Spring Cleaning Your Path to Receive What’s to Come:

1. Meditate: I know you probably hear that quite often. It is necessary to have clarity in order to continue to grow and be more productive. Clear your mind of your to-do list; what you’re going to cook for dinner; what you have to do the next day for the job/business/home. Take at least 10 minutes in the a.m. and 10 minutes in the p.m. Find a quite space. Let your body lay really heavy on the floor; release any tightness from head to toe and just BE. If there are too many people or too much going on in your current living quarters, then go to the bathroom and let everyone know you are about to take a bath (but you’re really not); sit in the tub; light you a few candles and clear your mind. If you clear your mind before turning in at night, you will awaken with fresh ideas!

2. De-Clutter:
a. Your Mind: Create new space in your mind. Allow room to receive new and fresh ideas. There’s nothing deep about that. Sometimes you are going to have to block out calls, conversations, friends and family members to achieve this goal.

b. Car: I know some people that practically live in their car. It looks as if they have literally moved in. Believe it or not, when you’re in a space that has space and you’re driving, you’d be surprised at the fresh revelations, conversations you have with yourself and the clarity you get from God. Turn you radio off sometimes and Keep It Moving!

c. Home: Take one room at a time. There is too much debris and clutter for any new things to come your way. If you clean up all at once, you will get discouraged, frustrated, start blaming why this task can’t get done and ultimately nothing gets done. ‘You can do all things, you just can’t do them all at once”-Oprah.

3. Organize: The Big O! The night before (before meditation), Write down the things that need to be accomplished. Then prioritize your list. This can prevent wandering aimlessly without a plan for your day. Keep a note pad and pen next to your bed or places you tend to be the most for the fresh revelation you will receive participating in this lifestyle. Yes lifestyle, these are not routines. It’s not about prioritizing your time; it’s about managing your priorities.

When you practice these Stress-Less Tips, you’d be surprised at the accomplishments, revelations, confirmations you will receive—Instantly! Most of the times we just need to get out of our own way!

In Good Health,
Cheryl Harris-Owner/Stress-Less Expert
Profound Touch Mobile Spa


Cheryl Harris-Owner/Founder said...

I must say i had to re-read this and apply these tips to myself!

Moyo said...

Ursula Moore--owner of Ursula's Fabric Creations & independent Consultant for For Every Home said The part that I like the most is the one about doing one thing at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. I will use this to spring clean my home one spot at a time yea.