Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greetings All,

Hope all is well and also hope to meet other massage therapist by way of networking. I have a mobile spa and I'm very excited about my endeavors.

Be Blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I have recently quit my spa job in order to start a local mobile massage service! I live in the Quad Cities (west of Chicago, border of Iowa) but only plan on being in the country for two months before i head to Europe for three months! I was brought to your page when I google image searched "list of private jet owners" because I want to get to Europe efficiently through the use of networking and my massage skills! ANYWAY- just wanted to say, youre my new inspiration and I'm glad I found your page!! Maybe we can be in touch?? I come to Chicago a lot and would love to exchange a massage for some advice from you :)
-Sincerely, Abby